How to help people to apply a strategic design approach to technologies

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The problem is…

People and organisations in different fields often want to use digital technology as a tool to develop ideas without understanding the real benefits that technology could bring to their idea.

The proposed solution might apply when

People want to start and solve a challenge in their own specific field through a collaborative action, generating innovation. People are curious to know how digital technology can support their own organization or project.

The solution proposed is…

Offers creative techniques, methods, tips, and worksheets to guide people through a structured design process that gives a voice to communities and allows their desires to guide the creation and implementation of solutions. A DiDIY co-design toolkit leads people to apply a strategic design approach to the use of digital technologies of production and sharing which become only a means to activate new innovative opportunities and ideas.

The expected outcome is…

Train people to collaborate in a structured way by following a specific design process to generate innovations through DiDIY. Allow people to be able to apply a strategic approach to digital technologies.

Other information


It is possible to apply co-design in a creative work session where participants are invited to interact by generating ideas collaboratively. Through co-design activities people can work collaboratively, triggering their creativity, and enhancing their visions of possible futures. This cultivates a deeper understanding of each other, their real needs and desires, leading to real benefits and a wise use of digital technologies.

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Digital DIY co-design toolkit and guidelines

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