Identify Responsibility In Organizations With DIY

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The problem is…

DiDIY makes it more difficult to identify both responsibility and credits inside an organization, so organizations lose opportunities to develop new ideas in cost efffective ways

The proposed solution might apply when…

n an existing organization without no procedures to handle non-standard product development, and fear of being potentially liable for the result, DiDIY

The solution proposed is…

implement a standard procedure to authorize, after risk assessment, non-standard ways of working, limited to specific tasks of the project.

The expected outcome is…

Flexibility limited to specific moments and tasks of existing projects makes it possible to take advantage of opportunities.

Other information


adding a dedicated procedure makes it possible to handle non-standard ways of solving specific problems, that does not alter the management of the whole project, and is therefore much easier to accept and implement.

Significant influencing factors

Leaving individuals free to follow their own rhythm makes them more creative and productive. Legal liability of the company for employees actions. More complex management of the overall workflow. Difficulties with unions/employee rights


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Collective Quality Circles, Reward For Individual Employee Creativity

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