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Policy Patterns

- A repository of community solutions for makers and makerspaces

Digital Do-It-Yourself (DiDIY) is when people take control of the construction of their own stuff, freely sharing their ideas and expertise over the internet. This movement is expressed in many ways, including maker fairs, makerspaces, and websites populated with DIY enthusiasts.

The Digital DIY project ( is funded by the EU to research and promote this movement (among many others).

The Vision for this repository. One of the things it wants to do is develop a repository of solutions developed by the community to address common problems DIYer have in developing or promoting their activities. Our vision is as follows:

  • We will establish a repository of "policy patterns", that is a short description of a solution to a particular problem (along with other helpful information)... This is IT!
  • The "patterns" form a collection of possible solutions that others can adopt to their own needs and situation - they are not recommendations!
  • To understand these the best way is simply to look at some examples on the above site.
  • We will collectively add to these, edit them and refine them for free use by all
  • We would love all those who are interested to join in doing this, adding their own and refining existing patterns - you just need to register and away you go.
  • The more makers that get involved the better the resource will be for others.

How to do stuff

Click on the appropriate link in the "navigation" panel at the top left of the page (just under the logo), that will send you a page with the (pretty simple) instructions of how to do that thing.